Redemption Center

Go Green and bring us all your Empty Cans and bottles!

We accept Empty bottles and cans from the time we open until 15 minutes before closing 365 days a year!
Our friendly and helpful staff  are available everyday to assist you in redeeming and we take back everything we sell!
Our automated redemption centers are available in North Babylon & Coram
(generic and private labels containers accepted into automated redemption machines)
All other locations can assist you at our manual redemption centers with no limits. 

Redemption Center Guidelines

Please remove all containers from plastic bags and place into cardboard boxes on the redemption counter if your empties are not in their original packaging.
Obtain a “ticket” or record of your count from our staff or automated redemption machine to cash out at the register.
We reserve the right to limit the amount of containers redeemed.
We do not accept:
  • Crushed containers
  • Containers with missing labels
  • Containers that are soiled with foreign debris
  • Containers without NYS deposit
  • Ciders, sports drinks, iced teas and other non carbonated soft drinks besides water.
Automated Glass Redemption
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